Cori Murphy


Cori has the unique ability to break down complex college planning and financial matters and translate each to parents and students in an easy to understand manner. 


When Cori started My College Authority, Inc. over 10 years ago, her children had yet to start elementary school. Now with one in middle school and another in high school, college is on the horizon, and she knows exactly how overwhelmed and stressed it all can be for parents. Her knowledge and expertise provide the calm within the storm. 


Cori is associated with a nationwide network of college planners who for years have used strategies that help students attend colleges that fit and help parents maximize financial aid and scholarships.


Cori is a member of the National College Advocacy Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students, families, and other advisers on the issues surrounding college planning.  

Troy McNichols, M.A.

College Planner


Troy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience guiding and mentoring teens and young adults to successfully navigate the path to adulthood.  Troy is a firm believer in finding the right career path, major and college for each student. 


As a small private college basketball coach and Athletic Director, Troy lead his team to a NBCAA National Championship and as a high school basketball coach experienced successful seasons.  Troy knows what it takes to instill confidence in students and motivate them to succeed.


Troy is a Southern Oregon native and has personally navigated the complexities of college planning with his three amazing daughters.