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7 Little Known Secrets of College Admissions & Financial Aid

Parents think about college and scholarships for our kids. They need to go, we need the money, and they've earned it!


Parents scour the internet, talk with parents who've had senior students taking SAT tests. searching for scholarships, and going on college visits. 


The problem for these family's isn't due to a lack if information; it is the prevalence of bad information and the absence of wisdom.


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Let My College Authority help you! Our College Planners have been guiding parents and students for over a decade so you can feel confident and secure knowing our knowledge and expertise is working for you. We've helped hundreds of families and students make the most of their college planning.  


We routinely save families $40,000 to $60,000 on their college costs.  We assess a family's unique, and even complicated, financial situation to determine all available and appropriate strategies to maximize financial aid and scholarships. Even families who don't qualify for need-based aid can get scholarships and discounts for college with our proprietary tools and strategies.  Oregon based, nationwide coverage of research and college funding opportunities!


We take the guess work and anxiety out of the college planning process. By providing guidance through all aspects of the career search, college search, admissions applications and selection processes, we help determine the best fit colleges - academically, socially and financially for your family . We go the extra mile coaching students to identify their interests and aptitudes in deciding their major and career path. And, completing financial aid forms for parents on time and accurately. 


What's the secret?  We teach families what goes on behind closed doors of college admissions and financial aid offices; How colleges make decisions about who gets in and who gets extra the scholarship money; What to do and when to do it!

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"They were there with us through it all!"

I heard My College Authority speak at a networking meeting and I am so glad I did! We knew sorting through the process of college planning was going to be difficult. There is so much involved; from making financial decisions to exploring schools that met our criteria, but they were there for us through it all. Our College Planner was able to connect with and explain things to our son in a way HE could understand.

- Melissa McLoughlin & Kevin McLoughlin, Certified Wealth Advisor

"We found the perfect school!"

We went to a class at My College Authority and were very impressed...Our College Planner was helpful and professional, and we felt comfortable asking questions. My College Authority and staff provided us with the tools to narrow our search for schools and suggested options we never would have considered on our own...My daughter ended up finding the perfect school for her and for us! They also gave us extra assistance since my husband is self-employed and we had extra forms to fill out. We loved that!

- Colette Tidball & Tim Tidball, Entreprenuer

"$61,404, wow!"

We received the scholarship value from Columbia ($61,404 for senior year, wow!).  She graduates May 20!!!  We will always remember how important your help was in making Columbia possible for Maren.  

- Best always, Mary Arnsted & Fred Abei, Attorney

"No way, without your help!"

Thanks for everything you've done!!! I told Tim there is no way that he would have received 5 acceptances without My College Authority's help. 

- Diane Busald & Tim Busald, Faculty, Small Business Development Center

"The information is vast and the tasks daunting."

We often wondered if we would be able to find the time to research and what is best for our girls.  The information is vast and the tasks are daunting when it comes to finding the right college. Scholarship applications, testing, and providing financial information will eat up most of our time, not to mention the research on the colleges themselves. You have managed to create a program that makes it easy to do all that is necessary to find the right fit at the right price while saving us so much time. We can't thank you enough for providing this service and we look forward to working with you over the next couple of years! 

- Paula Smith, Medford Chamber of Commerce

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