Who works with us

We work with college-bound high school students and their parents who appreciate that with expert guidance they can maximize their student's scholarship opportunities, minimize their out of pocket expenses,  provide the greatest opportunities for their student, and all without sacrificing their retirement goals.


Typically, families we work with have little to no need-based aid eligibility and are unwilling or unable to pay the full retail price of a college education. Families we work with are very busy families, leading very big lives, and do not have the 200+ hours needed to successfully college plan on their own. 

Are these statements true of you?

"We always wanted to plan ahead for college, but somehow it snuck up on us. Now our daughter will graduate high school soon and we are struggling to get our act together. The process is so complex and confusing."


"It took me 6 years to get my degree, because I didn't have a good idea of what I wanted to do. I transferred schools and changed my major more than once. I want my daughter to be better prepared and have a better college experience."


"We won't qualify for aid. Our family makes a good living, we have some money saved for college, and we own our home. We don't expect to qualify for financial aid, but we have 2 students and are panicked about paying for it!"


"She's worked hard for scholarships and we've saved for college since our daughter was a baby. Now we find out our savings can count against her for scholarships!"


"We want out son to go to the best college, but his top choices cost more than $80,000 per year!"


"I thought we could do this all on our own. We've done a lot of research and talked to the counselor at school. But our daughter still doesn't know what she wants to do or where she wants to go."


"My daughter wants to attend "X" college, because her friends are going there, but she needs to put some more thought into it. I don't think it's the right college for her, but she won't listen to me!"


"We know our EFC, what we don't know is how we are going to pay for it!"