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Our Mission

We save families time, stress and money.  We assess a family's unique, and even complicated, financial situation to determine all available and appropriate strategies to maximize financial aid and scholarships. Even families who don't qualify for need-based aid can get scholarships and discounts for college with our expert guidance, proprietary tools, and customized strategies.


We take the guess work and anxiety out of the entire college planning process. By providing guidance through all aspects of the career search, building the college list, test prep, admissions applications, and essays, we help determine the best fit colleges - academically, socially and financially for your family. We go the extra mile coaching students to identify their interests and aptitudes in deciding their major and career path. Then we expertly manage the entire financial aid process from forms filing, to award analysis and financial aid appeals.  Families have peace of mind knowing the financial aid forms are completed on time and and accurately. 


What's the secret?  We teach families what goes on behind closed doors of college admissions and financial aid offices; How colleges make decisions about who gets in and who gets extra the scholarship money; What to do and when to do it!


The secrets are to maximize the free money, reduce the college loans and loan payments, and do it all without sacrificing our retirement. 


We are experts. We have been guiding parents and students for 20+ years so you can feel confident and secure knowing our knowledge and expertise is working for you. We've helped thousands of families and students make the most of their college dreams. 


Who We Are & Our Collaborations

Cori Murphy, Education Consultant & College Funding Specialist

Cori has the unique ability to break down complex college planning and financial matters and translate both to parents and students in an easy to understand manner. 


When Cori started My College Authority in 2005, her children had yet to start elementary school. Now with her youngest in college, she knows exactly how overwhelming and stressful it all can be for parents. Her knowledge and expertise provide the calm within the storm.


Cori serves students and parents in all areas of college planning starting in high school, going through college and beyond graduation. Using proven strategies to help families find and select their best fit dream colleges, maximize financial aid and scholarships, and plan financially with families to make sure college is affordable

Scholars Service Center

At SCHOLARS Service Center, Cori serves and mentors business professionals across the country to deliver college planning services to their families. SCHOLARS is a fully mobile, modern college planning solution for business professionals to collaborate with college admissions and financial aid experts.  Business professionals focus on their expertise, while SCHOLARS and the team oversee all admissions and financial aid operations and success.


If you are a business professional curious about adding college planning to your repertoire, SCHOLARS may be a great resource for you.  Reach out to Cori for more information.