How we work with you

We work as a team with you and your student as committed to your child's future as you are. 


We are open and honest with our families - we tell it like it is. We will not waste your time or your money on strategies that won't help you and your student. 


We meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. Families come with a variety of issues and concerns, some more on the academic side, others more on the financial side. Where ever you are, we approach each with the same attitude and determination to get you where you want to go. Saving your family time, stress and money along the way!

Our unique approach

What makes us stand out is our in-depth understanding of the admissions AND the financial sides of higher education, their complexities, our appreciation of higher education as a business; And our proprietary research and tools help families gain advantages to get the results they need to make college affordable. All without parents having to sacrifice your retirement.

Are you confused, overwhelmed and don't know were to start? When you work with us you can expect a staff of knowledgeable and professional people at your service to lead you through the college admissions and financial aid maze. The best college decisions require mastering a range of conflicting issues. You need to make them work to your benefit. We can help.


Do you wonder if your student is headed in the right direction? When you work with us you can expect well thought out, research-based solutions for your family. A major factor behind transfer and drop out rates is a lack of career planning and failure to make college decisions based on career goals, personal goals and family finances. 


Are you alarmed at the high cost of college? Traditional financial and tax planning are not always in line with the Higher Education Act. By taking advantage of appropriate strategies, you can expect recommendations to decrease your EFC, increase opportunities for scholarships and financial aid, and a plan to pay for college efficiently without sacrificing your retirement. Just like your other trusted advisors who help you with your investments and taxes, My College Authority helps make college affordable and keeps your retirement on track.


Are you concerned about your family's ability to pay for college? Paying for college is your family's next largest expense, second only to purchasing a home. When you work with us, we will recommend strategies to decrease total college costs, increase opportunities for financial aid and scholarships, and implement an affordable plan to pay for college. 


Do you want your student to attend the right school at the right price? When your family makes a commitment to work with us and follow our program, you can expect recommendations for career and college choices that match your student socially, and academically, as well as, your family financially. We want to choose schools that best meet the needs of the student while being the most affordable and provide the best opportunities for success.

Our guiding beliefs

A college education is key. We send our kids to college because we want the best for them. We want them to be happier, healthier, and wealthier than we are. We believe a college education can open doors to our child's future success in all areas of their lives. 


College is expensive. College costs increase faster than inflation every year and only one in four students are graduating on time. Many are taking 5, even 6 years to obtain their four-year degree. But factors can increase a family's college costs drastically and seriously impact the student's and parents' financial future. Making the effort to understand the process and taking control is key to making college affordable. 


Families can pay for college without going broke.  Families can tackle college costs from two sides. One, using our proprietary Student Position concepts, families can maximize financial aid and scholarship opportunities. And two, families work to identify strategies to maximize college savings, minimize education debt, and pay for college without sacrificing retirement.