Frequently asked questions

What is a College Planner? 

A financial planner focuses on showing you ways to grow your income and create wealth. A College Planner shows you how to pay for college, minimize debt, and potentially make a financial "non-event" for your family.


We make too much money to qualify for aid. What type of planning can you do for us? 

Most of the families we assist qualify for little to no "need-based" aid.  We help these families by creating a plan that involves academic student positioning along with financial and tax strategies. Many of our six-figure income clients are surprised to learn that after strategic planning they too can qualify for scholarships and financial aid. 


Why should we consider working with a College Planner? 

Working with a College Planner can make you aware of planning tips and strategies most people don't even know exist. Utilizing a combination of these little-known strategies can tremendously benefit your family and your pocket-book. The services we provide are set up to relieve you from the stress and anxiety typically associated with the thought of paying for college. It is extremely valuable to have an advisor working on your behalf throughout the process. 


College is the second highest expenditure for families, next to the purchase of their home. Have you ever purchased real estate without seeking the advice of an agent, mortgage broker and home inspector? Of course, you didn't. College Planning shouldn't be any different. There is crucial information you need to know about the college funding process before you begin. 


I already work with a Financial Adivsor/CPA. Can't my advisor do this kind of planning for me? 

Typically the answer is, "no." There are a small percentage of financial advisors and CPAs trained in the late stage college funding niche. However, we receive regular referrals from financial advisors and CPAs who appreciate our specialization in all areas of college planning.  They believe, and we agree, a college planner adds value to the exemplary service they are providing to their clients. Consider a physician who is a general practitioner. He would not think of trying to perform heart surgery that procedure would be referred to a specialist.  


Do you give out loans or scholarships?

No, we are not a lending institution or scholarship fund. However, depending on your needs we will identify the best college financial tools for your situation. 


Do you find grants and scholarships for our child?

Yes, we do help your student find grants and scholarships. First, you should know there are three types of grants and scholarships. There are those awarded by the federal and state governments, which are mostly need-based, there are those offered by colleges and universities, and there are private scholarships offered by clubs, foundations, and corporations. We work to help a student qualify for as many as possible. Success with grants and scholarships involves employing a combination of academic and financial strategies. Please note: We are not a "scholarship search" company.


Can I negotiate my financial aid award? 

Colleges will deny that they negotiate their awards, but the fact is that if a school wants the child, they may sweeten their initial offer during the Appeals Process. Your odds are improved if the school really wants the student because of a special skill, talent or scholastic achievement. 


My student is a senior, is it too late? 

No, it's not too late, but there is no time to wait.  Your first, discovery appointment is complimentary for students 10 months or more away from enrolling in college.  For second-semester high school seniors and current college students, the appointment is more of a work session. We will answer questions, provide expert advice and charge for our time at our hourly rate.  


I'd feel better if I could talk with some of your clients first, can you arrange that for me? 

No, we cannot do this, and here is why: We take our client's privacy and confidentiality very seriously. In many cases, you would be discussing personal financial matters with them.