From one parent to another - Our College Funding Experience

There are three things that I believe we could have done differently in approaching college funding for our kids today.


First, we would have made sure our kids were on the right career paths. Our oldest took 6 years to graduate which is expensive. 


Second, we would have kept an open mind about completing the FAFSA forms. We thought it was pointless for us to complete the FAFSA forms because we assumed we made too much money. We felt that there would be nothing available to us.  


And, third we would have applied to multiple colleges even out of state.  

Now I can see that our biases prevented us from exploring all of our options. This resulted in college costing us more than it needed to. My hope is that other parents will learn from our experience.


- Gayle Reed, Financial Advisor


Gayle is a successful financial advisor, her husband a successful entrepreneur, and their children smart, successful students. At the time, they believed they had done everything they could to prepare their children and their finances for colleges. And they had done everything they knew they needed to do. But there lies the problem, they didn't know what they didn't know. 


And what they didn't know, in the end, cost them thousands and thousands of dollars.


Learn from Gayle's experience, attend a workshop, participate in a webinar, sign up for our newsletter, get educated, do your homework, please do not think you can "wing it!" 


Ask yourself, what do I need to win? What is my EFC? Can it be any lower and how will I fund it. Ask yourself, what does my student need to win? What colleges might be the best prospects for me student. Where will he get in, get scholarships at and graduate on time. Ask yourself, what does my family need to win? 


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